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Shellfish / Oyster Sauce Allergy

  • Peanut Butter Noodle

  • JAYD Fusion

  • Veggie Buns

  • Jayd Sweet Sauce For Buns

  • Jayd Noodle

  • Beef Soup

  • Beef Patty

Peanut Allergy

  • Peanut Butter Noodle 

Egg  Allergy

  • Wonton Soup

  • Tomato Soup

  • Spicy Yo Po

  • Spicy Tomato

  • Chinese Pan Cake

  • Jin Jin Dumplings

  • Beef Patty

Sesame Oil and Soy Allergy

If you are allergic to Sesame oil or soy, do not eat our food or eat at your own risk

Food to Avoid if You Have an Allergy

Authentic  Chinese Food

Handmade Fresh Every Day!

Call Your Order in Ahead of Time and to make sure we are open!


Mon-Wed 4pm-7:30pm

Thurs-Sun 12pm-7:30pm

Always check our socials or Google and Yelp for up to date info!

Whether you're there to watch or participate, our food is welcomed at these places!


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