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About Jayd Bun

Husband-and-wife owners dish on bringing traditional Chinese fare to South Kingstown.
The story behind South Kingstown restaurant Jayd Bun starts with love.

Now married with a baby daughter, Annie and Joe Parisi met by chance in October of 2014 while each was on vacation in Las Vegas. At the time, he was working as a Pit Boss at Foxwoods and she was a tour guide in Beijing. Soon after, Annie followed her heart and moved from her native China to Connecticut to be with Joe.


Very soon after she started to miss the food from her home in Tianjin, China and couldn’t find anything close to it anywhere. So Annie started to cook more and more at home to enjoy the food she ate her entire life. She started learning and creating new recipes to cook. She then traveled back to China and went to a cooking school to learn more. Annie & Joe opened JAYD BUN in October of 2019 ( right before Covid) and the rest is history.

#1 rated restaurant per Yelp in New England 2022! We are proud to bring to the area Authentic Chinese comfort food.


Everything  is made with fresh ingredients, hand made and never frozen. Jayd Bun's trademark is the Pan Fried Buns and noodles where the dough is made daily.


Jayd Bun is NOT fast food and the food takes time to make as everything is made per order. The menu is one of a kind and the only one you will find in the entire county and we take pride in this.


The Chinese walking street pancake is something you will not find often and is fun to watch being made. Jayd Bun takes pride in what they do and how they do it.


Customer service is just as important as the food  served. It is highly suggested to call your orders in ahead. They start answering the phone at 3pm on days they open at 4. 

Call Your Order in Ahead of Time and to make sure we are open!
Monday - Closed
Tues-Thurs 4 pm - 7 pm
Fri-Sun 12 
pm - 7 pm
Or Until We Stop Taking Orders

Always check our socials or Google and Yelp for up to date info!

Authentic  Chinese Food

Handmade Fresh Every Day!

Whether you're there to watch or participate, our food is welcomed at these places!


Click on the Link Below to Visit Their Websites!

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