Chef’s menu

* Please inform us of any allergies you may have and
kindly refer to our allergy guide below the menu *


** If you are allergic to shellfish / Oyster Sauce… 

* Eat the following at your own risk *

** Sesame Oil Allergy **

* If you are allergic to Sesame oil,
do not eat our food or eat at your own risk *

** Peanut Allergy **

* Only the Peanut Butter Noodle has peanut butter  *

** Eggs **

* Wonton Soup, Tomato Soup, Spicy Yo Po come with Egg. Can be made without Egg on request  *

* Spicy Tomato, Chinese Pan Cake, Jin Jin Dumplings, Beef Patty(Egg whites) all have Egg *

We highly suggest calling your orders
in ahead